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Simris Select: Chlorella Crispies

80 SEK
Chlorella Crispies, baby! Chlorella is a dear old favourite on every algae-lover’s shelves, so we thought it was time to crunch it up a bit. The base in our Chlorella Crispies are rice puffs, covered with chlorophyll-packed chlorella from a super-nice bunch of algae farmers in sunny Portugal. The rice we use is grown in Europe. No sugar, no additives, just a fun way of eating supergreens!

Tip: Chlorella Crispies are a perfect match for your vanilla soygurt or your homemade granola. Finally a chlorella that even the kids will love! 

Ingredients: Rice, chlorella 5%.
Net weight: 175 g
Nutritional value per 100 g:
Energy 392 kcal (1638 kJ)
Protein 10,8 g
Carbohydrates 82,5 g
Fat 1,1 g

Keep this information for your reference. The product is produced in and ships from Sweden, with Swedish label texts.

Artnr: CC_7011_SE
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